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**test JARs include -test before .major.minor.service.qualifier
**test JARs include -test before .major.minor.service.qualifier
**example: "higgins-idas-test.0.7.103.jar" - see special instructions below  
**example: "higgins-idas-test.0.7.103.jar" - see special instructions below  
====While Higgins is in the Incubation phase ====
* All downloadable zip files for builds and milestones must include the word "incubation" in the filename. For example,
* The jar files in the download zip file are not required to contain the word "incubation" in the filename. (See bug 178944 for the explanation.)
* All "Bundle-Name"s must include the world "incubation". Note that "Bundle-SymbolicName"s should not include "incubation" because the Bundle-SymbolicName is a technical namespace, not a user namespace. For example, Bundle-Name: Foo Plug-in (Incubation)
* Similarly, the names for update manager features must include the word "incubation". For example, Eclipse Platform (Incubation)
[[Category:Higgins Developer Info]]
[[Category:Higgins Developer Info]]

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  • All project names in the component must follow Eclipse guidelines for naming
  • There should be as few projects in a component as possible. The preference would be to have one core project plus one unit test project. The decision to add additional projects is based on architectural considerations (e.g. the need for separable plugins).
  • JAR (and WAR, etc.) files should be named "higgins-<component>-<subcomponent>.major.minor.service.qualifier.jar (see Version Numbering for details)
    • test JARs include -test before .major.minor.service.qualifier
    • example: "higgins-idas-test.0.7.103.jar" - see special instructions below

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