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Project Download Stats

Projects hosted at can track download requests and issue queries for statistical and trending purposes. There are two mechanisms to record a download request:

  • For ZIP file downloads, using the mirrors
  • For p2 repositories, using Equinox p2 download stats

ZIP files

When linking to a ZIP file on, projects must use mirrors. The link would look like this:

where /path/to/ is the path relative to When a user picks a mirror site, the download request is automatically logged.

Equinox p2 download stats

To enable download stats on your p2 repository, please see Equinox p2 download stats. Use the following URL for your stats server:

Please see the p2 notes below.

Querying the database

Access the My Account page at Eclipse committers can access Committer Tools > Download Stats.

Enter a partial filename to search for, relative to the downloads area. The broader the search, the longer it will take to return results, so try to identify the core files that make up one user download. Use the % (percentage) as a wildcard to substitute multiple characters, or the _ (underscore) wildcard to substitute one character. You don't need to use % at the beginning or the end.

Sample filenames:

   /tools/emf/downloads/drops/2.0.1/R : All 2.0.1 release build files (ending wildcard assumed)
   webtools%1.0.1%zip                 : All Webtools 1.0.1 zip files
   eclipse-SDK%3.2.2                  : All the eclipse SDK ZIP files for release 3.2.2
   /birt%1.0%zip                      : All birt 1.0 zip files
   /stats/%org.eclipse.wst.xml        : All the org.eclipse.wst.xml downloads in all p2 repos

If you need suggestions for your download stats, please contact the webmaster.

Download stats.png

p2 notes

(These notes were compiled from the cross-project list.

  1. It is better to tie stats to a FEATURE rarther than a bundle. Because bundles come in 2 variants (.pack.gz / .jar) so with a bundle you have duplicate work adding the stats tracker (and, the app from bug 310132 which auto-generates stats properties doesn't support it).
  2. Note though that a commercial product which uses a different feature structure than Eclipse Open Source (and so just gets your bundle) won't be counted when you count feature access. That's likely not relevant.
  3. If you have a feature and bundle with the same ID, don't add the p2.downloadStats property to both. Since it would count each download twice.
  4. It may be adviseable to version your stats ID somehow. For instance, use "org.eclipse.rse.core_tm320" or "org.eclipse.wst.ui_helios_sr0" or "org.eclipse.ptp_4.0". If you don't version the stats ID you are tracking, you may run into troubles when we do Helios SR1 which will re-use the same repo location (/releases/helios).
  5. Maybe obvious. the stats tracker will not catch people updating from Galileo to Helios. Because the Galileo p2 impl did not have the stats code enabled. You'll only count p2 downloads that happen with Eclipse 3.6.
  6. I'm wondering whether the helios aggregator's access to my project repository already counts as a download? Probably not too relevant after all.

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