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Profile On Server Help Page

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Profiling an application on a server

TPTP has integrated with Web Tools Project (WTP) to bring you the profile on server function. With this function you can profile your web application similar to how you run or debug in servers view seamlessly.

Note: TPTP has been tested with Apache Tomcat version 5.x and above. Other servers and versions have not been tested.


TPTP-WTP integration requires the following projects installed in an Eclipse installation:

For version information of each driver, please refer to the requirements section of the TPTP download page.

If installation is done via Software Updates, makes sure the following components under Testing and Performance category is selected in the installation list:

  • TPTP Platform Project
  • TPTP Tracing and Profiling Tools Project
  • TPTP Profiling for Web applications

Setting up a server instance

A server instance must be created to allow profiling support. For details on server setup and management, please refer to Eclipse help – Creating, editing and deleting servers.

Profile a web application in servers view

Follow these steps to run your web application on a server instance in profile mode. Note that a server instance must be already configured in the servers view.

  1. In servers view, select the target server instance, right click and select Profile in context menu. The status of the server will change to Starting....
  2. As soon as the server instance is started, Profile on Server dialog is opened.
  3. In Profile on Server dialog, select the server process under the Agents tab and move it to the Selected Agents list.
  4. Switch to Monitor tab, configure the profiling options and filter.
  5. Click on the Destination tab. ProfileProject and Default Monitor are the default profiling resources and they will be used to store data in this profiling session.
  6. Click Finish to start the profile.

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