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3.2 Polish Items

Last update: March 15, 2006 (Changes since March 13, 2006 in green. New entries in Team and JDT UI)

New additions in green.

Entries in RED have been fixed.

Entries in BLUE are not in the plan for 3.2

So far, I have received input from the Search, Platform/JDT Text, JDT Core, JDT UI, and Debug teams. This document contains a summary of that feedback. The items are listed by component, but are otherwise in no particular order.

General / All

Bugzilla Description
Do we need a new splash screen? MVM asked designers to investigate in light of new welcome as well. No significant changes planned here
Update keywords for searching preference pages. I.e. verify that all the new preferences are covered.

Platform Runtime

Bugzilla Description
128178 [Workbench] earlyStartup does not work in runtime eclipse with binary-imported plugins

Platform Compare

Bugzilla Description
78063 Full Javadoc line selected even though only a character has been added to a word
68758 Structured Compare: selected added element not part of selection
128362 [Patch] Creating patch from compare in between versions/revisions
118021 Structured compare not available with additions or deletions

112661 (bugs logged by mvm previously)


Cleanup UI of Create/Apply Patch wizards (follow Eclipse UI guidelines):
  • button sizes
  • caption
  • margins
  • mnemonics (missing)
  • polish all descriptions and messages
  • Match Project... button launches dialog called Retarget Patch (inconsistent)

    Platform CVS

    Bugzilla Description
    112927 [performance] Update CVS workspace job takes too long
    See also " [#too_may_password">too many passwords]" in the Platform UI section below.

    Platform Help

    Bugzilla Description
    New help support should be improved (2 votes):
    • Help button should be on the side where the help shows up. Should stay pushed, and a release should close the help view again
    • dialogs without help should better not get the help button
    • clicking on a link should directly open the help browser as the space next to the dialog is always too small

    Platform SWT

    Bugzilla Description
    95634 [Tree] TreeColumn does not show "..." on cut-off Text and misses tooltips
    I know I'm dreaming, but: styled ranges inside a tree item (Font/colors etc for e.g. a word inside the full label) would be a boost
    125702 If you collapse a tree on a recent version of GTK+, a big block of whitespace appears at the bottom. It's very irritating.



    There's also the "festival of carets" bug. This is immediately noticeable to anyone using a recent GTK+, and it makes us look bad. Unfortunately, it appears to be a bug somewhere in the Cairo/Pango/glib/GTK+ stack specific to the FPU mode (which the Java VM modifies on start-up). This bug is bad and will be hard to track down. We need to do work if we want to see this fixed; we can't just say "It's their problem".

    Platform Team

    Bugzilla Description
    Need a general polish pass on new History view filtering and user interactions. The bugs below are examples...
    125860 New history view: filter is not persisted - no way to constantly ignore local history
    129916 Per date sorting in History view forced on me upon ever input change


    There are sometimes <a name="too_may_password">]too many password dialogs:

    • If I'm trying to work off-line but have CVS projects in workspace, it can happen that you get lots of dialogs to ask for the password as the CVS decorators each need that password. Clicking cancel once should be enough to let them know that I'm not interested in entering the password now.
    • It would be nice to have a less intrusive way of asking for passwords. Idea is e.g. a status line icon similar to the progress view that blinks when a passwords are pending. Clicking on this icon brings a 'authentication view' that shows that status of all passwords: passed, failed, canceled, and lets me trying to connect again.
    130408 Should be able to export psfs to the workspace (2 votes)

    Platform Text

    Bugzilla Description
    11624 Text Drag and Drop (has many bug votes)

    In order to resolve this we first need to put the grounds for drag and drop contributions to editors, otherwise clients contributing some sort of DnD will get broken. This is covered in bug 125957 and won't make it into 3.2.

    Platform UI

    Bugzilla Description

    [ViewMgmt] Allow control of view tab compression

    - this was changed in 3.2 and need to decide if we like it

    100993 [EditorMgmt][Presentations] Regression: Editor tabs do not remember order or active tab after restarting Eclipse


    128455 [Presentation] [ViewBar] Outline view toolbar is visible above a maximized editor

    Deferred to post 3.2

    131559 [Markers] Layout of marker filters dialog
    129936 [ViewMgmt] View part description label should wrap
    125691 [ViewMgmt] Can't read view titles
    68684 Remove MRU Ordering from the editors.</td>
    113455</td> Some errors do not appear in the Problems view. This happens very frequently for me (multi-processor box, GTK+) if I have grouping turned on.</td>
    130818</td> Filters do not seem to apply when grouping by Java type (Problems view).
     </td>  </td>
    126155</td> [Markers] Issues of multi quick fix dialog</td>
    122639</td> [WorkbenchParts] PageBookView's toolbar doesn't properly re-layout after page switching

    Will investigate if time permits.

    128670</td> [Dialogs] StatusDialog adds 2 horizontal margins around button bar</td>
    127629</td> [Markers] problems view: keep selection stable</td>
    128381, 128381</td> [Markers] group should only show (10 of 10 items) if beyond the limit</td>
    129812</td> [Markers] Enabling problem categorization per default</td>
    129184</td> Progress view should be made more prominent</td>
    127289</td> [Markers] SystemFilter and group selection
           state not preserved</td>
    see suggestions in bug 109998</td> Experimental (?) Keys preference page (3 votes):
    • what do we do with the two pages?
    • sorting by keys, by commands and by scope 109998
    • see which keys are free and which commands are not used
    • Platform UI team is investigating what can/can not be done about this without Doug around
    </td> Finish the preferences clean up effort from 3.0:
    • decorator preference pages should offer a link to decorators</li>
    • font / color preferences should use shared settings so it is also possible to configure the color and font decoration for CVS on the CVS page
    • UI - please provide a bug for this so we can track polish
    </td> Improve the look of the filter control (preferences, other dialogs):
    • the text field seems unaligned as long as there is no 'clear' button
    • either dump the 'clear' button, or add it as a lay-over over the text field:
      • For example, in Thunderbird (mozilla mail client), they added a magnifying glass inside the text field (Good visual indication what this field is about) and the clear button ('x', is IMO a better icon than what we have) is inside the text field when applicable. Even better is the help text in light gray.
      • UI - please provide a bug for this so we can track polish

    The fast view icon looks like a bug, as the lower right corner is missing. For all the icons on the fast view bar, it isn't obvious what they do. They should be more "inviting" to click on. Maybe some extra adornment in the icon like an arrow that points in the direction they will open. The tooltip should also show the keyboard shortcut.

    New icon is being requested, no other work decided at this point

    UI - please provide a bug for this so we can track polish

    </td>  </td>


    JDT Core

    Bugzilla Description
    108087 Java conventions default formatter settings confused

    Change 'unused parameters' warning to only work on private or final methods to avoid false positives.

    JDT Debug

    Bugzilla Description
    128074 Cannot format stack trace
    123589 Unexpected switch to empty editor when using scrapbook
    123588 Loosing key binding in scrapbook page
    130534 add a "collapse all" to the tree's toolbar
    128558 support variables in port and host fields of Remote Java Applications
    77125 preference for determing how Java breakpoints are created - to suspend thread or entire VM
    125768 Support to display breakpoints in rulers of external edtiors:
    • ideally, there would be support for markers in external files from text/platform, but we might be able to do something here (not sure how much work this is)
    • since we support breakpoints in external files, and the editor now supports a ruler in external files, we really should make the two work together
    80746 filter exceptions in anonymous classes of X when filtered on X
    89474 support to edit attributes of multiple archives at once
    110837 properly specify bootpath when launching to avoid problems with crypto applications
    Columns in Variables/Registers view:
    • We've added support to the debug platform for columns in debug views
    • We want to add support for columns in the java debugger as an optional presentation (we've started this already)
    • DEBUG - please provide a bug for this so we can track polish
    • We don't currently support undo/redo in the Scrapbook or Display view, which has made a few users angry
    • DEBUG - please provide a bug for this so we can track polish

    JDT Text

    Bugzilla Description
    95619 [5.0][content assist] Function parameter assist does not work with some parameterized types
    92371 [content assist] Parameter guessing could also propose expressions for parameters of array types
    41189 [hovering] Editor tooltip size too small for title text (3 votes)
    125677 [navigation] @category not standing out enough in Java Outline view
    91500 Improve the NLS tooling, especially existing hover and linking features to Eclipse string externalization support (2 votes)

    JDT UI

    Bugzilla Description
    129929 IDE no longer responsive when JUnit tests are running
    129925 [JUnit view] Hierarchical+failures should not show more than just failures
    130106 [junit] Hierarchical mode sometimes show testcase in progress and sometimes not
    130107 [junit view] Hierarchical mode not properly rebuilding the tree




    Polish the Clean Up support (2 votes):
    • Clean Up with focus on current file forces me to save other resources? This is particularly annoying when the resource is a text scratch file.
    • Clean Up should also offer to format the code.
    • The wizard needs polish.

    New Java Perspective (old one becomes the 'Classic Java Perspective')


    provide a way to get fully qualified class name into clipboard
    108256 [refactoring] [ltk] Refactoring preview does not correctly highlight 5.0 code [refactoring]
    122527 [build path] Offer a SWT container in JDT
    135279 [refactoring] improve order of refactoring actions
    135285 [source actions] improve order of source actions

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