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Policy Framework in STP

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This wiki is used as a starting point to kick off the discuss of Policy support in STP. Johnson Ma


Use Cases

Design Map =

Policy Registry

Policy Creation

Policy Editor

Policy Validation

The policy validation framework is used to define a validation mechanism when applying ws-policy. Policy is created by policy editor. We will write provide a policy validation rule editor for user to dynamic add/remove validation rules as well.

The validation rules will cover following category:

Policy Dependency

Define dependencies between policies.

Policy Conflict

Policy Subject Constraints


rule based xml validator in stp

Policy Association


User Roles

 *Policy Developer -- write policies for projects, company or domain
 *Service Developer -- write policy, config and apply existing policy to service component.
 *Deployment Assembler -- apply policies to services during deployment
 *Operator -- dynamic config/modify policy at runtime. 

Runtime support


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