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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Julien Delange (ESA)
  • Tristan Faure (ATOS)
  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Lei Pi (INTECS)
  • Jorge Rodríguez (Indra)
  • Loïc Salvado (Alyotech)
  • Jose Manuel Puerta (TCPSI)
  • Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)

Polarsys membership

  • Membership agreement and charter are available on the Polarsys wiki page.
    • Membership agreement is common with other IWGs
    • The first version of the Charter has been frozen.
    • Interested parties can now sign the participation agreement. Contact Ralph Mueller to initiate the process.
  • Meeting with Chess happened on June 5th.
    • Intecs already willing to become a Polarsys member
    • University of Padova will become academic member
    • Will submit open source results of CHESS like:
      • a UML profile for Chess component composability model
      • MDT/Papyrus plugins

Status about infrastructure and infrastructure test

  • Test infrastructure for OPEES members
    • GIT/HTTPS should be available when we have a correct official SSL certificate
    • Create a Polarsys project to host the Polarsys bundle build tests on the test infrastructure
    • Issue: Bugzilla, bugs for specific components
      • Define component categories is mandatory before creating more bugzilla components.
    • GPM
      • Needs extra components like JDK6, postgresql, ...
      • Organize a short telco with Denis Roy, Anne Haugommard, Mathieu Valten
  • Setting up the official Polarsys infrastructure

Next Polarsys meetings

  • October 22nd in Ludwigsburg, with a common part with the Automotive IWG. That's the day before Eclipse Con Europe
  • OPEES meeting under planning in Rennes on September 18-19 or October 15-17. Restricted to OPEES members to prepare the end of the project. Fill in the doodle

Next Polarsys telcos

  • Thursday July 12th at 17:00 (Paris time)
  • Thursday July 26th at 17:00 (Paris time)
  • Thursday August 30th at 17:00 (Paris time)
  • Thursday September 13th at 17:00 (Paris time)


  • Suggest Polarsys as a mentoring organization for SOCIS ?
    • Polarsys have to apply to SOCIS
    • Someone must apply of one or two mentors
    • More than 20 students will be funded
    • Sponsors:
      • Advertisement
      • Give goodies (books, tee-shirts, ...)
      • Show the commitment
  • Communication packages
    • Ericsson + Eclipse are taking care of the communication kit
    • Airbus tries to register the Polarsys trademark
    • Definition of the communication kit for Polarsys
    • Need to organize a meeting with Ian to start working on the communication topic
  • Create a newsletter?
    • With membership news
    • With projects news
    • Target September as a first newsletter release date?
    • Idea to add a sort of newsletter on the blog.
  • Blog
    • Airbus is writing an article about the reasons why Airbus is interested in Polarsys
    • Presentation of other members on the blog?
    • Interviews?

Next meeting on Thursday 12th of July 17:00 (Paris time)

Attendee code : 30344859

Calling from Call-in Numbers

  • Belgium toll +32 2894 8317
  • France toll +33 17091 8646
  • Germany toll +49-(0)6925511-4400
  • Italy toll +39 0230410 440
  • Norway toll +47 2103-5854
  • Spain toll +34 91791 1283
  • Sweden toll +46 85051 3563
  • USA/Canada toll +1 631 267 4890

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