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  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo) - GBL
  • Paolo Panaroni (Intecs)
  • Jorge Rodriguez (Indra)
  • Miguel Rivero (Indra)
  • Lei Pi (Intecs)


  • Status on the infrastructure
    • A page was created to list ongoing OPEES experiments
    • A page was created to list the Polarsys components. Please go to this
    • Accesses to the projects are still under provisionning
    • GBL sent an email to Wayne Beaton to explain that we need two different infrastructures until the end of the year:
      • the current infrastructure for OPEES experiments that should be shutdown at the beginning of 2013
      • the official Polarsys infrastructure that will host the first projects during summer
  • Status about the Polarsys blog will host two types of blog posts
    • announces (upcoming meetings, publication of meeting minutes) will be posted without particular review by the leaders of OPEES and Polarsys
    • articles will be written as draft by their authors and reviewed by at least another author of the blog
    • You can ask to become an author of the blog. Send an email to Ralph Mueller or Gaël Blondelle
    • We look forward to hosting new content in the blog.
  • Upcoming events: Presentation at Eclipse Con
    • Presentation of Polarsys (with Pierre Gaufillet, Benoît Langlois)
    • 4th of May: EDT in Florence. Kickoff of Polarsys activities in Italy.
    • 23rd of May: Polarsys meeting in Toulouse
    • 24th of May Eclipse Day Toulouse
  • Opportunities to collaborate with the Auto IWG about tools requirements and qualification
    • Specifically with WP5 of Auto IWG which is about tool qualification.
    • We are trying to organize a common meeting on October 22nd in Ludwigsburg the day before Eclipse Con Europe.

Next telco will take place on Wednesday April 4th at 17:00 CET
Belgium: (+32) 27920324
Canada: (+1) 4168498302
France: (+33) 172260138
Italy: (+39) 023 604 67 91
Spain: (+34) 917909586
Sweden: (+46) 853526463
PIN code: 14 54 74 04

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