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Polarsys/Release Engineering/Definitions

Definitions for the Polarsys release engineering

Component, Package

A component is an Eclipse, Polarsys, or LTS component.

A Polarsys package is an Eclipse platform enriched by a set of selected and integrated components, to meet a need of Polarsys distribution. By analogy, the "Eclipse Modeling Tools" package is a distribution of Eclipse modeling tools. Examples of Polarsys packages:

  • Polarsys Operational Package (POP):  this package integrates certified components and respects a time-based planning, and especially the Eclipse release train (independently of the VLTS releases).
  • Polarsys Experimental Package (PEP): this package integrates validated components; some are already certified.

In the future, Polarsys could be declined in other packages.

Release Planning

A Polarsys release planning schedules releases of Polarsys packages. Properties of a release: release number and date, released package, the list of integrated components.

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