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Plug-in Development Environment

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Plug-in Development Environment

This provides the tools on top of the JDT to develop plugins.

Adding 3rd Party Jar files

Option 1: turn the jars into plugins

Use New>Project>Plug-in Development>Plug-in from existing JAR archive. That will turn one or more jar files into a single jar plugin. For something like log4j you can then set up Buddy-Classloading, etc.

Option 2: include the jars in a plugin

  1. Use Import>File System to import the jar files into your plugin project, say in the <project>/lib directory.
  2. Use "Add..." to add the jars to the classpath section of the PDE Editor>Runtime tab.
  3. Use "New..." to add "." library back (with no quotes, of course).
  4. Make sure your binary build exports the new jar files on the PDE Editor>Build tab.
  5. Save
  6. On the project, use the popup menu>PDE Tools>Update Classpath to correctly add the jars to the eclipse project classpath.
  7. Export any packages that you need to using the PDE Editor>Runtime tab
  8. Save

Check out

It talks about how adding a 3rd party jar removes the default "." classpath, and the need to add it back.

Also, eclipse can handle jars within jars. It expands them into a temporary location during runtime.

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