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Platform UI Command Design

The Contribution proposal started a couple of releases ago Contribution RFC

There are discussions in a number of places:

Commands and Handlers

Commands are managed by the org.eclipse.ui.commands extension point and the ICommandService.

Handlers are managed by the org.eclipse.ui.handlers extension point and the IHandlerService.

KeyBindings and Contexts

KeyBindings are managed by the org.eclipse.ui.bindings extension point and the IBindingService.

Contexts are managed by the org.eclipse.ui.contexts extension point and the IContextService.


Currently, menus are managed by 4 extension points:

  • org.eclipse.ui.actionSets
  • org.eclipse.ui.editorActions
  • org.eclipse.ui.viewActions
  • org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus

Programmatic contributions are managed through a number of locations: IActionBars, IViewSite, IEditorSite ... more to follow

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