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Platform UI/Plan/4.6

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Planning page for Neon

Our planning list and assumptions are [[1]].


Performance and stability of platform user interface

The Eclipse Platform UI team need to continue to improve stability and performance of the user interface. This includes regressions but also improvements compared to 3.x. The UI freeze monitoring and the reports created by the automatic error reporting tooling will also be used for this activity.

Simplify and improve the user experience

The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to simplify the user workflow. For example, by adding the smart import wizard to platform, the user experience for importing project should be improved. We also plan to provide user enhancements like shortcuts for increasing the font size in an editor and a full screen mode in which distracting items, like toolbars, menus, trims, etc. are hidding.

It is also planned to finish the support of HDPI screens which was started in Eclipse 4.4. but unfortunately not finished due to some late discovered issues.

Generify platform API

The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to evaluate and, if possible, implement generics in its API. This journey started in 4.4 but needs to continue. Generics are planned to be evaluated at for JFace Dialogs, the JFace Viewers and JFace Databinding.

Simplify committer and contributor workflow

The Eclipse Platform UI team will continue to simplify the workflow of existing and new committers and contributors. This includes the activation of more test suites during the Gerrit build trigger, code cleanup, migration of the tests to modern constructs (JUnit4, modern Assert frameworks, etc). It also includes the update of the code to remove compiler warnings. To be more inviting to other Open Source contributors we also need to update our code with constructs of modern Java versions.

Also the Eclipse Platform UI team plans to clean-up the bug database. Currently the bug database is full of outdated an already solved bugs, which makes finding real problems in the bug database complex.

Java 8 support in JFace Databinding

The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to support the new Date and Time API from Java 8 in JFace Databinding.

Migrate Mylyn notifications framework to platform UI

The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to migrate the Mylyn notification framework to platform UI. This change has been discussed with the Mylyn team and was well received.

Provide default spelling engine in platform UI

Currently the default spelling engine is provided by JDT. The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to migrate this spelling engine to platform.ui.

CSS Enhancements and better support for the dark theme

The Eclipse Platform UI team plans to enhance CSS support. A new CSS parser will be evaluated to support CSS 3.0 and to improve performance. The Eclipse Platform UI team will continue to cooperate with other teams like JDT and SWT to improve the styling capabilities in general and the dark theme as a special use case of the CSS styling.

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