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Platform UI/Build Submission

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How to do an Integration Build submission

  1. Load releng tools
    1. go to
    2. pick the build matching your install
    3. scroll to bottom, last section should be titled plug-in
    4. download to your install dir. Note: to verify they're installed, start up eclipse, pick a project and popup menu. You should see "Fix Copyrights..."
  2. Go to CVS repo, load the modules (they will be at the bottom)
    1. platform-ui
    2. platform-ui-test
  3. Load the project
    1. org.eclipse.releng
    2. Note: the project org.eclipse.ui.carbon will have errors if you are not on carbon. You should have no other errors though.
  4. Run the test suites. To do this:
    1. Open up Run->Run Configurations
    2. Under JUnit Plug-in Tests, select each test in turn and run. You can't multi select, so each test is run on its own.
    3. Note: The JFace-All and RCP Test Suite require that the workbench have focus otherwise you will get false errors. Go get a coffee while running these since you can't use your machine.
  5. Select all the projects, pop up the menu and pick Team->Release...
  6. Click on the "Generate Build Notes" option at the bottom of the dialog.

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