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Planning page for Platform work for 4.11

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to the Eclipse Platform for the 2018-12 release. The new and noteworthy of all Eclipse top-level projects can be found under Eclipse 4.11 New and Noteworthy.


Review patches from the community [DONE]

Platform UI

Provide notification API in Eclipse platform

Platform should deliver a notification API. bug 229823 [DEFERRED TO 4.12]

Helper to write rendering tests with OCR

Using an OCR library like Tesseract, we can write powerful rendering tests. We'll try to provide some API to easily write tests relying on OCR for Eclipse plugins, and will build a few tests based on it. bug 542481 - [DEFERRED]

Platform Text

Inline/horizontal code mining improvements

Improve how inline code minings are rendered bug 531769 - [DEFERRED]


Evaluate and test Chromium browser implementation on Windows and Mac. bug 405031 - [EVALUATION DONE]


Improve Eclipse Dark theme Support bug 544854 - [FIXED]

Support macOS 10.14 (Mojave) bug 541801 - [DEFERRED]

HiDpi drawing with GC bug 489451 - [DEFERRED]


Launch ControlExample on GTK4 bug 543908 - [DELIVERED PARTIALLY]

Adapt to GTK4 sizing changes bug 540675 - [FIXED]

Port Table/Tree drawing to GTK4 bug 541473 - [FIXED]

Improve accessibility support bug 543949 and bug 544198 - [FIXED]


Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

  • Ant build file behaves differently in eclipse than in an external ant run bug 511279 [DEFERRED to 4.12]
  • SecurityManager#getInCheck removal in JDK 10 bug 541119 [DELIVERED]

Other Bugs and enhancements.


Debugging user experience

Improve Debugging Usability bug 498469 [DELIVERD PARTIALLY]

Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other Bugs and enhancements.


Download Performance

Composite metadata repository download parallelization bug 542735 [DEFERRED TO 4.12]


Migration to CloudBees

Deferred to 4.12

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