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Platform-releng/Git Workflows

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We'd like to capture some common CVS workflows used by the Eclipse Project and spell out the git/EGit equivalent.

Clone your repo

The first step is to clone the one or more repos you need to work on. You want to clone the repo to a location outside your workspace. Then use the EGit Import Projects option to import the projects.

Refer to the EGit/User Guide for instructions and pictures.

  1. Switch to the Git Repository Exploring Perspective
  2. Use Clone a Git repository
  3. you can paste in your connection URL and it should do the right thing. Some URLs:
    1. ssh://
    2. ssh://
    3. ssh://
    4. ssh://
    5. ssh://
    6. ssh://
    7. ssh://
    8. ssh://
    9. ssh://
    10. ssh://
    11. ssh://
    12. ssh://
    13. ssh://
    14. ssh://
    15. ssh://
    16. ssh://
    17. ssh://
    18. ssh://
    19. ssh://
    20. ssh://
    21. ssh://
    22. ssh://
    23. ssh://
  4. no *and then*

Start working in HEAD

Start working in a new branch

Create a patch

Apply a patch

Tag the mapfile for a build

Commit changes to HEAD

Update to pull in the latest changes to HEAD

Merge conflicting changes

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