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Planning for ECF 3.6

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It's time to start doing community planning for ECF 3.6 and subsequent releases. This page will allow ECF committers and/or community members to list possible areas for new and/or continuing work that could be targeted to ECF 3.6 and/or subsequent releases.

Potential Plan Items for ECF 3.6

Committers and contributors: Please put your name (in bold) by the items that you expect/able to contribute to over the next 2.5 months (from Jan 2013 to early March 2013)

  1. Introduce SIP provider and improve/update/extend the ECF call API (VOIP/telephony)
  2. Scott: Enable easier creation and use of Equinox+ECF remote services-based Server Runtimes
  3. The contributions from Tishan (on the Salvo Newsreader) and Jasintha (remote services testing) from their recently completed Google SOC projects.
  4. Scott: Support for SSL for ECF generic provider bug
  5. More/better documentation bug
  6. Scott (additional help wanted for this): Test for regression and have Equinox/p2 use (in Kepler) the newly added Apache httpclient 4-based filetransfer provider
  7. Resolutions/closing for as many bugs as possible bug
  8. Scott: More/alternative distributions (p2 repos) for ECF (e.g. p2 repo/plugins targeted to server-side...and/or virgo)
  9. ScottNew/more examples for Restlet-based provider, and perhaps a build/p2 repo to build/deploy Restlet provider (for remote services) Restlet Provider at GitHub
  10. New/improved discovery providers?
  11. More apps/examples for OSGi remote services
  12. Markus: Get Bucky build working again (adhere to the EF security policy)

Harshana Eranga Martin

  1. Moving Salvo: News Reader toward Tycho based Maven build. (Harshana Eranga Martin) Harshana' Fork Location

Wim Jongman

  1. Moving Salvo to e4 (Wim Jongman)

Please contribute and add things not listed above here!

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