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Planning Council/Mar 22 2009

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Meeting Title: Planning Council EclipseCon face-to-face
Date & Time: Sunday, Mar 22 2009, at 2:00 Pacific time
Location: Bayshore Room at the Hyatt
Dial-in: [no dial in planned]


David Williams, Chair (and WTP)
Brian Fitzpatrick DTP
Wenfeng Li - BIRT
Anthony Hunter, Tools
Markus Knauer, Elcipse Source
Chris Aniszczyk, Technology
Oliver Cole, TPTP (half of meeting)
Tom Watson, RT, Equinox
Doug Schaefer, CDT, Tools (Ad Hoc),


  • Name that train
Anthony volunteered to talk to Bjorn, perhaps turn the proposed "contest" into a poster session
  • Markus suggested we discuss what platforms to support in EPP packages.
  • Discuss alternatives to uber-site: still desired? feasible? alternatives for backup plan? tighter integration with epp packages?
  • Let's decide Galileo Service Releases - proposed:
    • 9/25/09 (last Friday of September)
    • 2/26/10 (last Friday of February)
  • While we are face-to-face, let's get started on next year's release by discussing the general process. Please come prepared to represent your PMC or strategic member on things they like about the simultaneous release process and things they do not like. [For those who can not attend this face-to-face, you can send me a short list and I'll present them].
  • Next Planning Council Meeting: 4/1 (First Wednesday of every month)
  • Next Face-to-face: Eclipse World, October 2009? Eclipse Summit, October 2009?
  • Related activities/meetings
    • StAC meeting to follow, Sunday 3-5 (all councils are invited ... and in fact considered members).
    • Architecture Council after that, 5-6

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