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Planning Council/June 17 2009

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Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 03, 2009, at 1600 UTC / 0900 SFO / 1200 NYC / 1700 London / 1800 Berlin
Dial-in: For the call-in numbers, see the "Project Review" number on Foundation Portal page.


Chris Aniszczyk
Cedric Brun
Oliver Cole
Stefan Daume
Brian Fitzpatrick
Wayne Beaton
Doug Gaff
Neil Hauge
Mika Hoikkala
Anthony Hunter
Oisin Hurley
Markus Knauer
Christian Kurzke
Gary Xue
Ed Merks
Mike Milinkovich
Philippe Mulet
James Saliba
Georg Schmidt
Kaloyan Raev R
Thomas Watson
David Williams
Andreas Buchen (SAP/MAT)

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.


  • Any release issues?
  • Galileo postmortem.
  • Proposed Helios Plan Dates:
These are rough, quick dates, just taken from last year (and adjust to closest Friday and similar)
Still need to go through calendar, see if adjustments needed for Holidays, EclipseCon, etc.
PC Reps should start to discuss these dates with their groups, and see if they will commit to participating from the beginning ... from M1!
M1 8/7 - 8/21
M2 9/18 - 10/2
Initial standard-format plans due 10/2
M3 10/30 - 11/13
M4 12/11 - 12/18 [note: beginning of 1 week windows]
M5 1/29 - 2/5
M6 3/12 - 3/19
M7 4/30 - 5/7
Release: 6/30/2010 (last Wednesday of June)

  • Next Meeting
July 1, Wednesday -- no meeting. Celebrate/rest after release. Plus, holiday week in US.
August 5, Wednesday -- Helios!
September 2, Wednesday
Upcoming topics
Frequency and dates of maintenance builds
Dates for next year's project plans
Build schedule for next year (start with M1)


Galileo Simultaneous Release

Planning Council Members

Simultaneous_Release_Roles and Simultaneous_Release_Roles/EMO

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