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Planning Council/Indigo retrospective

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Indigo Planning Council retrospective

These notes were collected at the end of the Indigo Release, at 9/7/2011 Planning Council call, specifically just to collect them. And not to solve issues, or even necessarily to suggest solutions, but just to capture issues (good and bad) while the release was still fresh on our minds. Where solutions are suggested below, it is intended to primarily better capture the issue discussed .. not to dictate a or pre-judge a solution. Action plans and solutions will be discussed later.


Indigo is the sixth simultaneous release, following Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Galileo, Helios. The Planning Council meets regularly to come up with plans and requirements. Eclipse Foundation projects can voluntarily join the simultaneous release. For meeting minutes, see

Comments from PC during 9/7 meeting

Positive things mentioned

Things that could have been better


See also last year's retrospective

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