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Planning Council/August 2 2017

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Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 02, 2017, at 1200 Noon Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, potential new numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)

Phone Numbers: (Check Asterisk/Numbers for more or current phone numbers.)

For all phone lines: Participant conference extension: 710 then enter pin 35498
  • Ottawa (local call in Ottawa) 1-613-454-1403
  • North America (toll free) 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) +49-692-2224-6059
  • France (local call anywhere in France) +33-17-070-8535
  • UK (toll free) 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland (local call anywhere in Switzerland) +41-44-580-2115
  • SIP clients:
call, then enter pin 35498.

Members and Attendees

Eclipse Foundation

  • Wayne Beaton, interim chair
  • Frederic Gurr
  • Mickael Barbero

Strategic Members

  • CA Technologies
  • Codenvy, S.A. (Tyler Jewell)
  • Ericsson AB (Marc Khouzam Marc-Andre Laperle)
  • IBM (Thomas Watson)
  • itemis AG (Alexander Nyssen)
  • OBEO (Melanie Bats)
  • Oracle (Neil Hauge)
  • Red Hat, Inc. (Nick Boldt)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • SAP SE (Stephan Merker)

PMC Representatives

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) PMC (Gary Xue)
  • Data Tools Platform PMC (Brian Payton)
  • Eclipse Cloud Development PMC (Martin Lippert)
  • Eclipse Project PMC (Dani Megert)
  • IoT
  • LocationTech Technology
  • Eclipse Modeling Project PMC (Ed Merks)
  • Mylyn (Application Lifecycle Tools) PMC (Sam Davis)
  • PolarSys
  • Eclipse Runtime Project (RT) PMC (Ian Bull)
  • Eclipse Science
  • Service Oriented Architecture PMC (Adrian Mos)
  • Technology PMC (Chris Aniszczyk)
  • Tools Project PMC (Aleksandar Kurtakov)
  • Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project (WTP) PMC (Carl Anderson)

Note: "Inactive" refers to Strategic Members or PMCs we have not heard from for a while and have been unable to convince to participate. Those members can become active again at any time. Contact Wayne Beaton if questions.

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.
Y = Yes, attended
N = No, did not
R = regrets sent ahead of time
D = delegated
X = not expected

Previous meeting minutes

  • Review previous meeting minutes if you'd like. That is, review them before the meeting, but if questions or issues with previous minutes, this would be a good time to bring them up.


Date for Oxygen.1 release (Frederic Gurr)

The Oxygen.1 release was planned for September 27, 2017. Since JDK 9 GA is currently planned for September 21, I guess we need to realign. However, moving the Oxygen.1 release to September 21 collides with the Photon M2 release (September 22). Do we move Photon M2 to September 15 or do we postpone it to September 29? Are there any alternatives? (see also

Suggestions raised in involve having JDT produce a release candidate build that includes Java 9 on Sept 21.

  • Option #1: Move the Oxygen.1 date to 2nd week October - GA on Oct 11 or 18
    • Pro: neither of these conflict with the Photon dates (M2: 09/15-22, M3: 10/27-11/03)
    • Con: delays Oxygen support for JDK9 so we might lose market share to other IDEs who can react faster (Mike's concern)
  • Option #2: Add an extra release in October - GA on Oct 11 or 18
    • Pro: get out an .1 release in September, as we've always done, even if it only has prelim support for JDK9
    • Con: more overhead to do another release, even if it's a "JDK9 Update Only" change
  • Option #3: Roll out Java 9 with Oxygen.2 in December (with Marketplace-based rollout in the interim on Oct 11 or 18)
    • Pro: regular update release schedule (Sept, Dec) is maintained; early access support can be provided in Marketplace and updated once finalized outside the simrel train schedule
    • Con: might be perceived as being slow to market; marketplace uptake might be small

More recently, a 4th option was proposed in this thread:

  • Option #4: Move Oxygen.1 to mid-September (Sept 13?), with a special JDK 9 / JUnit 5 Update release no more than a week later (Sept 21?) (Dani's suggestion)
    • Con: would require adjusting the Photon M2 dates (09/15-22) to avoid overlap - could be 09/01-08 or 09/22-29
    • Pro: would allow prompt support for JDK 9 as close to the Sept 21 GA date as possible


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