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Planning Council/2022-10-05

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2023-03 and 2023-06 schedule

  • The 2023-03 and 2023-06 schedule was circulated ahead of the meeting (email)
  • The schedule was approved in the meeting
  • Action (Jonah): Add the schedule to the Google Calendar

2022-12 Release

  • The release is on schedule for M1
  • JustJ has signed java.exe and other exes/dlls
  • Ed has been keeping on top of the contents of the train which has led to Nitin has done quick turnaround on some fixes (such as dup versions + unsigned content)

IDE WG funded development

  • A recap of what happened in 2022 was reviewed
  • Discussions on what should be in the list to send to the IDE WG Steering Committee happened.
  • See the email thread on the results of that discussion.
  • Action (Alex) - completed: Send Jonahsome example queries on win32 open items
  • Action (Jonah): Send details of discussion in response to above mentioned thread, and once approved pass this to the IDE WG Steering Committee.

EclipseCon Community Day

  • Martin and Johannes have volunteered to present slides at the community day, if it is in the afternoon. Schedule is not final yet. (Thank you both!)
  • See email thread on this topic.
  • Action (Jonah): Put slides together by 12th October

SimRel participation rules

  • Some of the participation rules need to be updated, such as third-party content does not need to come via Orbit
  • Action (Jonah): Update must-dos and circulate for approval.

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