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Planning Council

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From [1] "The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a coordinated Simultaneous Release (a.k.a, "the release train") that supports the Themes and Priorities in the Roadmap. The Planning Council is responsible for cross-project planning, architectural issues, user interface conflicts, and all other coordination and integration issues. The Planning Council discharges its responsibility via collaborative evaluation, prioritization, and compromise."


From the Bylaws, the Planning Council is comprised of:

  • One representative designated by each Project Management Committee
  • Strategic Consumer Members as a group are entitled to elect one representative
  • A Strategic Developer Member that is not leading a PMC, or Strategic Consumer Member that has eight or more full-time developers assigned to Eclipse projects, is entitled to designate one representative unless an employee, officer, director, or consultant of the Member has already been appointed to the Council.
  • Other individuals designated by the Executive Director:

The Planning Council is chaired by a person designated by the Executive Director. While not explicitly stated in the Bylaws, the Executive Director supports the idea of an annual rotating chair with each successor nominated by the Council members.

The current membership of the Planning Council is listed on the councils page of the main website.

Call Schedule

No fixed schedule exists for Planning Council calls. A reminder email will be sent to the list in advance of the calls. (For the call-in numbers, please see the MyFoundation Portal page.)

Topics for next call:

  • 2009 release train name (Galileo?)
  • 2009 release train dates
  • Planning Council rotating chair position
  • Project Plan (format and delivery)
  • Call and meeting schedule
  • Board interaction

Upcoming calls: TBD

Minutes from past calls: TBD

Meeting Schedule

Upcoming meetings: November 2008 (TBD)

Minutes from past meetings:
June 20, 2007
March 4, 2007
January 23, 2007
October 11, 2006
June 29, 2006
December 15, 2005
August 23, 2005
May 19, 2005
December 1, 2004 (.pdf)
September 1, 2004 (.pdf)

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