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Who is up for meeting during EclipseCon Toulouse 2015 to discuss "The yearly release"-train?

David has started a "design" wiki page to act as a "design document", to help centralize the main points we have discussed so far. Any proposals should be captured in that document (1.2.4 Possible solutions).

If enough interested I (Max) will locate a room to do it in. Maybe should try make it into a BOF for larger audience to join in ?

For now just asking the planning council who can/want to join - please put your name and availability below.

  • Max Rydahl Andersen, Red Hat (I'm there all week, but board meeting during days of monday and tuesday)
  • Markus Knauer, EclipseSource (same availability as Max)
  • Dani Megert: I won't make it, but might join via Skype if a meeting takes place.

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