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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse is a window into the world, work and lives of Eclipse hackers and contributors.


Generally, administration is done on a volunteer basis by the | Planet Eclipse Admins. All requests, such as adding a feed, updating a feed, adding an image or removing a feed should be handled through Bugzilla.


There is no official policy, however, we (the admins) generally ask ourselves the following questions before adding a feed to Planet Eclipse.

  • Is the feed written by a real person?
  • Is the person an Eclipse committer, hacker or contributor?
  • Is the ratio of off-topic postings not too high?
  • Are the off-topic postings covered by the Planet Eclipse tag line?
  • Does the feed promote a company or a commercial product?
  • Does the feed add more value to Planet Eclipse and the Eclipse community than it does for the feed owner?

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