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* Is there more than just a welcome posting?
* Is there more than just a welcome posting?
* Does the feed contain advertisements?
* Does the feed contain advertisements?
== Instances ==
=== Community ===
This is the default instance.
Only blogs about open-source projects and/or from committers/contributors related to eclipse are accepted.
* Available at:
* Configuration file: [ community.ini]
=== Universe ===
This instance aggregates more blogs than the community planet.
It contains promotion for a commercial product based on Eclipse.
* Available at:
* Configuration file: [ ecosystem.ini]
[[Category:Planet Eclipse]]
[[Category:Planet Eclipse]]

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Planet Eclipse is a window into the world, work and lives of Eclipse hackers and contributors.

Available Feeds

Planet Eclipse provides one aggregated feed in different formats (RSS, Atom). Have a look at for a list of available feeds.

You can subscribe to the feeds with your favorite feed reader or read them online at using the Planet Eclipse Feed Viewer. Please sent us your comments about the PlanetEclipseFeedViewer.


Generally, administration is done on a volunteer basis by the Planet Eclipse Admins. All requests, such as adding a feed, updating a feed, adding an image or removing a feed should be handled through Bugzilla or Gerrit.

 git clone

HowTo: add a feed

Edit the file:

  { git repo}/planet/planet.ini

Add a new entry using the format:

   [<URL of the feed>]
   name = <Name>

HowTo: add a face image

Put the image file in the folder:

     { git repo}/planet/theme/authors


  • format: png, jpg, gif...
  • width: ~100px
  • height: ~100px

Edit the configuration file community.ini and add the properties:

   face = <img name>
   facewidth = <img height in pixel>
   faceheight = <img height in pixel>

See also: How to add your Hackergotchi to Planet Eclipse


There is no official policy, however, we (the admins) generally ask ourselves the following questions before adding a feed to Planet Eclipse.

  • Is the feed written by a real person?
  • Is the person an Eclipse committer, hacker or contributor?
  • Is the ratio of off-topic postings not too high?
  • Are the off-topic postings covered by the Planet Eclipse tag line?
  • Does the feed promote a company or a commercial product?
  • Does the feed add more value to Planet Eclipse and the Eclipse community than it does for the feed owner?
  • Is there more than just a welcome posting?
  • Does the feed contain advertisements?

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