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Phoenix Team Call 2008-06-11

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2008-06-11 at 1:00pm ET

   Ottawa   613 287 8000
   International  866 362 7064
   P/C  955770#

Discussion Topics

  • Review last call's action items:
    • Ganymede:
      • Action item: Nathan to open bug for Ganymede plans for the homepage;
      • bug 227357 is open for the Ganymede download page
      • Action item: Nathan to get going on home page/download page prototypes
      • Action item: have a plan B for the Ganymede graphics in case Roger doesn't respond in time bug 227561


Atendees: Bjorn, Karl, Matt, Lynn, Nathan, Ian Bull, Denis

  • Reviewed action items
  • Discussed plans for Ganymede
    • We seem to agree that Ganymede excitement is needed on our site
      • Ian Skerret was not on the call, so his wants/needs are void and null
    • Head's up that we need a plan B in case Ganymede slips
  • Everyone loves Bjorn and his cool home page mock-ups; everyone prefers the Big Circle except myself and IanB
  • Denis gave head's up about plans for a decent dev environment including sample databases
    • Karl's expertise will be hijacked without any recognition for this

Action Items

  • Nathan: /ganymede landing page complete by End Of Week
  • Nathan: Home page mock-ups for Ganymede Excitement by End Of Week
  • Denis: One home page mock-up for Ganymede Excitement by End Of Week
  • Bjorn: Open 2 bugs, one for each mock-up, to gather feedback, votes, comments
    • He'll blog about it too, reaching out to all of 12 people

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