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Phoenix Team Call 2006-12-19

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Call minutes

When: 2006-12-19 at 1:00pm ET

Attendees: Ian, Nathan, Wayne, Matt, Mike, Denis

  • Discussed the status of our bugs (see below)
  • Discussed themes for 2007

Themes for 2007

We discussed our themes for 2007. They have been posted on the Phoenix wiki.

Q4 bugs

119189 iCal resource for Eclipse events (nathan)

120397 List of update site mirrors should be LTR (denis)

125940 Migrate to Phoenix (ViewCVS, others) (denis)

126675 Horizontal tabs don't scale well (nathan)

133026 Eclipse Foundation News Items launch in new browser (Nathan)

137751 Newsfeed for technical Articles (Wayne)

140389 Projects roadmap newsgroup/mailing list - not a link (bjorn)

143145 Starter Orientation Section (New to Eclipse?) (Ian)

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