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Project Phoenix improves the usability of the site.

Official project site:

Themes for 2007

Ease of Use / usability

Work still needs to be done here, especially on the Projects pages and on some project pages. We also agreed to provide more assistance to our projects for web design


Target for end of January. Design team to work with IT in getting it on the servers. Authentication to be against the Bugzilla database.

Standard development environment

Wayne and Nathan agreed to come up with a Xampp solution so that every Phoenix committer can have a standard dev environment, databases and all.

Cooler look

We agreed to invest time modernizing the visual appearance of the Phoenix skin.


We agreed that some of the most visible pages need a backup committer who can care for them should the owner be unavailable. To that extent, we agreed on the following backups:

  • Home page: Nathan owner, Denis backup. Matt can also be a backup should the need be.
  • EPIC: Nathan owner, Matt backup
  • downloads pages: Denis owner, Karl backup.
  • Resources: Wayne owner, Nathan backup

Common look & feel across the site

We agreed that in 2007, all projects will be required to adopt the Phoenix look as resolved by the Board. Nathan will be available to assist projects in moving their pages, and Mike will take care of notifying the community about the web page guidelines in early January.

Committer Portal

We agreed that could become a Committer Portal.

Project Info Database

We have developed a database for projects to maintain there meta-data. The following page describes the database and how to use it.

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