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== Eclipse Indigo M7  ==
== Eclipse Indigo M7  ==
*Eclipse Modeling -
*Eclipse Modeling M7 -
*EMF Facet - Indigo update site -
*EMF Facet - Indigo update site -
*antlr  -
*antlr  -

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Papyrus requires some external plugins in order to compile.
You usually need the common environment, plus some external plugins required to compile Papyrus. The versions of these laters vary according to the Eclipse and Papyrus release.
These page try to maintain the list of external plugins required to compile Papyrus.

Required Plugins

The following external plugins are required. Check your Eclipse version and go to the corresponding version to know where to get them.

  • Eclipse Modeling
  • EMF Facet
  • antlr
  • modisco
  • xpand
  • e4.xwt
  • EPF

Eclipse Indigo M7

Eclipse Indigo M5

Eclipse Indigo M4

You can also use the target platform defined here:

Eclipse Helios

  • Can be used with Papyrus 7.x branch.
  • [3] Eclipse Modeling 3.6. GMF needs to be install on top of this release.
  • [4] ANTLR 3.0.0. Download this plug-in and put it into the dropins folder.

Compilation Troubleshooting

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