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Papyrus IC/Architecture/MoM/2018-01-09 Architecture Committee Minutes


  • Philip (EclipseSource)
  • Rémi (chair)
  • Florian (CEA)
  • Ernesto (Zeligsoft)
  • Antonio (Ericsson)
  • Per (Saab)
  • Keith (OneFact)

Next Phone call: February 6th, 2018, 4PM


UML2 And Photon

Task Forces

Florian: Next year plan

  • Roadmap for Photon in progress (see Photon)
  • Next version: 4.0.
    • API need some major improvements
  • Currently up-to-date

Philip: DSML task force

  • Papyrus for information modeling used
    • blueprint for sketching and documenting how to customize papyrus
    • Papyrus-IM now migrated on Oxygen
  • New Demo project for DSML support
    • more information on profile support compared to the UML reduction proposed by Papyrus-IM
    • To be published in the next months
  • Antonio: tooling from Ericsson for DSML setup
    • Semi automatic generation?

Philip/Ernesto: Textual / graphical modeling

  • Research project ongoing for Papyrus-RT
    • Trying to continue within next years on a European project.
    • ITEA result in January? ECSEL still ongoing

Per/Rémi: Dependency management, dependencies from Papyrus

  • Remi: Currently under investigation
    • Propose a RCP with the least included features to have a working diagram
      • Rather than removing UI contributions with activities, let's not include them!
  • For example: dependency from Papyrus Facet core plugin to PDE to build workspaced java based queries. That should be extracted to an other plugin to avoid pde dependency in core. Should be only proposed to toolsmith or developers.
    • Issue: API modifications for next release should be limited.
    • No tool to maintain such dependency restrictions, so hard to maintain in time. Solution should be found to help developers maintain a good architecture.

Release train for Papyrus


  • Oxygen.2: released (End of December)
  • Oxygen.3: planned for end of March 2018


  • M1 - M4 already done
  • M5: Beginning of February 2018

Additional topics

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