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Currently, Papyrus for Robotics is available has been released as version 0.8. It provides RCPs an update sites for version 2020-06

Eclipse 2020-06, release 0.8



In addition, a nightly build is available for two Eclipse versions

Eclipse 2020-06, nightly



Eclipse 2020-12, nightly


Planned releases

09/2021 (v0.8) (* Modeling – Component and Service definitions, Assemblies, Behavior Trees

  • Analysis – Safety: Task-based HARA, Fault Injection, …
  • Code generation & reverse – ROS2
  • Use-cases – CEA Pilot, eITUS ITP
  • P4R – Consolidated framework for BT execution in ROS2
  • Modeling and Analysis – integrated workflow contributed by ITPs (e.g., verification of BTs wrt. resource utilization and safety concerns)
  • Use-cases – consolidation of CEA Pilot, P4R-related ITPs (v1)

Q1 2021 (v0.9)

  • (Tabular) modeling of non-functional properties, assertions and contracts (in nightly build since 12/2020)
  • Reverse of a whole ROS2 workspace
  • Consolidation

Q2 2021 (v1.0)

  • ROS2 instrumentation for fault injection

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