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The simulated pick-and-place task performed by the Isybot arm is a simple but complete example, which includes service, component and behavioral models. All models are intentionally simple. They can be used as a basis to build other examples with increased complexity, or as a reference to build new applications from scratch.

The system is made up of: one component, the Isybot controller, which realizes several motion and manipulation skills, like MoveTo in cartesian and joint space and Open/Close gripper; and one sequencer, which executes the behavior tree specification of pick-and-place task and demands to the Isybot controller the execution of skills.

The sequencer interacts with the component by means of a well-defined coordination interface that conforms to the RobMoSys Architectural Pattern for Component Coordination.

Quickstart Instructions (for the Impatient User)

More content is in progress.

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