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= Documentation =
== Introduction ==
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/installation|Installation]] - Installation instructions
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/getstarted|Getting started]] - Introduction to the concept of ecosystem tiers and the approach for the composition of software components.
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/modular|Modular and role based design]] - General Concepts (supported diagrams depending on the modeling viewpoint)
== User Guidance ==
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/workflow|General Workflow]]
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/servicedef|Service Definition]] - How to create a service definition
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/compdef|Component Definition]] - How to create a component definition
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/systemdes|System Design]] - How to design a system
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/bt|Task Modelling]] - Use or define new skill definitions to describe robotics tasks as behavior trees
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/hara|Task-based HARA]] - Learn how to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment (HARA) of robotic behaviors.
<!-- * [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/fta|Fault tree analysis]] - tbd. -->
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/eitus|Fault Injection]] - Specification of fault injections
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/safecc|Contracts and Assertions]] - How to specify assertions and constraints
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/ros2|Code generation (for ROS2)]]
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/reverse|Reverse Engineering (from ROS2)]]
* Simulation
== Developer Guidance ==
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/release|Release Roadmap]]
* Development Conventions, see Papyrus [[Papyrus/Code_Standards|coding standards]]
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/quality|Quality Assurance]]
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/devinstall|Installation of the Development Environment]]
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/build|Build process]]
== Other Documentation ==
* Publications
* [[Papyrus/customizations/robotics/faq|FAQ]]
* Community -- RobMoSys wiki, [ Papyrus forum] (please prefix a subject with [Robotics] or [Robotics, ROS2])
* Bug reporting: use the Eclipse bugzilla to report it. In the following link, the product (Papyrus) and the the component (Robotics) are already selected [ File a Papyrus for Robotics bug]. Use the same naming convention as for the forum, i.e. prefix with [Robotics] or [Robotics, ROS2] and check out whether the bug is eventually already existing (the browser proposes possible existing bugs as you type your bug title]. Please make also sure that the steps to reproduce the bug are clearly described, eventually add your model.

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