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Papyrus/Photon Work Description/Usability /Papyrus Menus

Papyrus Menus

In order to improve user experience, Papyrus menus will be refined. This work will also allow defining main Papyrus menus where developers could contribute. Actually, papyrus menus are located at:

  • Papyrus main menu, on the same line as File
  • Papyrus tool bar, just under previous menu
  • Model Explorer Menus, when right clicking on any element of the model explorer
  • Diagram Menus, when interacting with a diagram element

The different contributions to these menu do not respect any rule and state of papyrus menu in Oxygen are little "messy" as shwon in the different Oxygen screenshots.

Model Explorer Menus


model explorer menu for Oxygen


Diagram Menus


diagram menus for Oxygen


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