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Papyrus/Papyrus User Guide

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Getting Started

Model/Diagram creation wizard

Create a new Model.

Papyrus CreateNewModel.png

Choose the model file name.

Papyrus CreateNewModel-2.png

Choose the first diagram to create.

Papyrus CreateNewModel-3.png

Papyrus Perspective

The Papyrus perspective contains :

  • Model Explorer view
  • Outline view
  • Multi diagram editor view
  • Properties view
  • Toolbar

Papyrus Perspective.png

Model Explorer View

The model explorer is used to navigate to the all model's elements and the diagrams.

Papyrus ModelExplorer.png

This action link the model explorer with the active diagram selection. This action works bidirectionally.

Papyrus ME Sync.png

This action allow to add new semantic element.

Papyrus ME NewChild.png

This action allow to add new diagram in current selection.

Papyrus ME NewDiagram.png

All actions availables on diagram item.

Papyrus ME DiagramMenu.png

The model explorer used Common Navigator Framework and provide facilities to customize view.

Papyrus ME CustomizeView.png

To customize the content of treeViewer:

Papyrus ME CustomizeView Content.png

To filter the content of treeViewer:

Papyrus ME CustomizeView Filters.png

Outline View

The Outline offers a thumbnail of the graphical representation and the list of semantic elements used in current diagram.

Papyrus OutLine.pngPapyrus OutLine All.pngPapyrus OutLine Tree.png

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