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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/Release Standard Operating Procedure: Doc

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  1. @improvement create a bugzilla first
  2. @improvment create a query to find all repositories to be updated manually
  3. @bug the automatic repository version updater seems to introduce non unix break lines
  4. @improvment define the list of user able to execute a build on papyrus master


  1. one week before setup a team: at least one commiter with one other personn
  2. one day before send an email to the mailing
  3. release day send an email to the papyrus developer mailing list before the release
  4. make the release
  5. release day send an email to the papyrus developer mailing list after the release
  6. release day send an email to the cross project mailing list after the release

Email template proposal

  1. one week end before: XXXX
  2. release day initial email: Hi everyone !Today is build day so if you can refrain yourselves from pushing troublesome features we would greatly appreciate it.Papyrus Core Team


  1. fresh eclipse <version> nightly Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers
  2. papyrus project in workspace: git new branch on master synchro with the master branch with releng project imported
  3. simrel project in workspace: git://

Release Plan Action

  1. Update dependencies from Agregation Build Models
    1. Help>Install> Update site:
    2. right click on the *.pom.xml and oomph papyrus.setup
      1. /releng/org.eclipse.papyrus.oomph/setups/papyrus.setup
      2. /releng/top-pom-dev.xml
      3. /releng/top-pom-extra-tests.xml
      4. /releng/top-pom-extras.xml
      5. /releng/top-pom-main-tests.xml
      6. /releng/top-pom-main.xml
      7. /releng/top-pom-rcp.xml
    3. Selection the right version and check the Confirmation Location Update, each version should be the lastest official version except if you depend on a specific build version, unreleased officially
  2. Update dependencies manually
    1. for all unannotated repositories,
    2. @missing cmd: find . -name "top-pom*" | xargs -t -i grep "manualUpdate" -b1 {}
    3. for detection of manual repository example repository orbit find the lastest url
  3. Deploy the new version
    1. Push on Papyrus gerrit
      1. tag to be used [Releng] Update dependencies for <Eclipse Version> <Milestone>
    2. Execute the Papyrus-Master hudson job with the new parameters
      1. Go:
      2. Add parameters
        1. BUILD_ALIAS : the name of the release (0.9.0, 1.1.0M6, etc.); leave it blank for nightly and integration builds
        2. SIGN : whether to sign the update site (can take up to an hour on the Eclipse build server); mandatory for all builds except nightlies
        3. last one hour
    3. Automatically execute the Papyrus-Master-Test hudson job

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