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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/Release Standard Operating Procedure: Doc

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Hi everyone ! Today is build day so if you can refrain yourselves from pushing troublesome features we would greatly appreciate it. Papyrus Core Team

  1. Prerequire
  • eclipse <version> nightly Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers
  • papyrus git new branch on master
  1. SimRel
    1. Clone simrel git repository: by egit or directly with command line: git clone git://
    2. Import the project inside your eclipse workspace
  2. Import Eclipse Papyrus Developer Tools
    1. Help>Install> Update site:
  3. Papyrus Releng
    1. Import releng project in workspace
    2. Update dependencies from Agregation Build Models
      1. right click on the *.pom.xml and oomph papyrus.setup
        1. /releng/org.eclipse.papyrus.oomph/setups/papyrus.setup
        2. /releng/top-pom-dev.xml
        3. /releng/top-pom-extra-tests.xml
        4. /releng/top-pom-extras.xml
        5. /releng/top-pom-main-tests.xml
        6. /releng/top-pom-main.xml
        7. /releng/top-pom-rcp.xml
      2. Selection the right version and check the Confirmation Location Update, each version should be the lastest official version except if you depend on a specific build version, unreleased officially
    3. Update dependencies manually
      1. for all unannotated repositories,
      2. @missing cmd: find . -name "top-pom*" | xargs -t -i grep "manualUpdate" -b1 {}
      3. for detection of manual repository example repository orbit find the lastest url

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