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== Development Plan  ==
== Development Plan  ==
=== Specifications ===
=== Specifications ===
The specicifications are available here :
The specifications are available here :
== Getting the code  ==
== Getting the code  ==

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Development Environment

To ease the development on Papyrus, each member of the team works with basically the same configuration :
- [1] Eclipse Modelling 3.5
- [2] SVN Subversive (or Subclipse)
- [3] CheckStyle
- [4] JAutoDoc

Development Plan


The specifications are available here :

Getting the code

Connecting to the svn

The code is available under svn at this location

Retrieve code

PSF Files can be found on the plugin org.eclipse.mdt.papyrus.releng under the folder psf.
Check out this project, and import the "Papyrus-ALL-pserver.psf".

Retrieve configuration files

The Papyrus configuration files are available under the Papyrus repository in the plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.doc under the folder "templates"
Code Template
Checkstyle : available soon

A note is also available to explain how to install the templates in your environment.

Papyrus Generation

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