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Papyrus/Oxygen Work Description/Refactoring/PerformancesImprovements

Thanks to their experience in modeling performance and their expertise on the VIATRA technology, IncQuery Labs contributes to the Oxygen release of Papyrus by:

  • Providing means to assess and monitor some performance critical use cases in Papyrus.
  • Improving the performances on some of these cases.

Use cases:

  1. Open a model (with many diagram already opened)
  2. Navigation in model explorer (Especially with stereotype with custom icons)
  3. Drop an element from the palette (Especially with a custom css)
  4. Drop an element from the model explorer (Especially with a custom css)
  5. Change the selection with the property view open
  6. Flat View in Select type widget
    • Create a model with many elements
    • Create a class with a property
    • Select the property and set the type in the property view
    • In the popup widget there is a tab named Flat (this tab presents all elements from the model and can be slow in big models)
  7. Create View dialog (Flat tab is no longer displayed in this case!)
    • Open a model with many model elements
    • In the Welcome page of the Papyrus editor, click on the Create View button
    • In case of large models, simply opening the dialog takes minutes or even more
  8. Filter in Model explorer
    • Open a model with many model elements
    • In the model explorer use the search/filter box
    • In case of large models, the model tree takes some times to refresh


Task 1.

Setting up a continuous scalability evaluation testbed for Papyrus. This testbed will be based on RcpTT tests and Hudson jobs

Its goal is to:

  1. highlight future regressions
  2. validate future enhancements

Further details

Task 2.

Identifying and sharing existing models (UML, notation, css, profile) related to performance bottlenecks in Papyrus. The Papyrus community is expected to share some models, but many performance issues are only present in big proprietary models (Obfuscation will probably be required)

Its goal is to:

  1. share a library of models that can be used for any kind of testing in Papyrus

Further details

Task 3.

Integrate a Papyrus specific indexing module based on the VIATRA base-indexer and query engine to improve model navigation and derived feature usage. Based on the 2 previous tasks, there will be an evaluation before and after the model integration to check performance improvements.

Further details


To be completed:

User interface performance evaluation

The use cases listed above (1-6 at the moment) are each measured by RCPTT testcases that are added to the SysML 1.4 Git repository as the input model used is SysML 1.4. The testcases reuse the already existing common RCPTT contexts from the Papyrus Tools and SysML 1.4 RCPTT projects.

The performance measurement is using the start-measure and stop-measure ECL commands, with the output written to log files in the workspace.

let [val uri "workspace:/logs/case1-open-diagrams.log"] {
  // Empty file (if exists)
  write-lines -uri $uri
  start-time-measure "Open Model"
  open-file -project $projectName -file $modelName
  stop-time-measure "Open Model" | write-lines -uri $uri -append

In the most basic case, the above example measures the time it takes Papyrus to open an existing model.

proc "measure-property-view-selection" [val tree -input] [val element] [val message] [val uri] {
  try -command {
    with [$tree | get-item $element] {
      start-time-measure $message
  } -finally {stop-time-measure $message | write-lines -uri $uri -append}

Note that since RCPTT commands are rather slow, we try to minimize the amount of RCPTT commands inside the measurement window. In the example above, we make sure RCPTT finds the item in the tree before we make the selection itself.

The results of the testcases are written to log files that look like the following in the end (duration in milliseconds):

org.eclipse.rcptt.ecl.perf.impl.PerfCounterImpl@22eee37e (name: Open Model, duration: 13588)
org.eclipse.rcptt.ecl.perf.impl.PerfCounterImpl@57cf0bbb (name: Basic navigation, duration: 19521)
org.eclipse.rcptt.ecl.perf.impl.PerfCounterImpl@21531395 (name: Open Diagram, duration: 8679)
org.eclipse.rcptt.ecl.perf.impl.PerfCounterImpl@b9da5a6 (name: Navigate to, duration: 1746)

Shared model library


Papyrus specific indexing module


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