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Papyrus/2020.03 Work Description

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All the work realized by CEA LIST is sponsored by CEA LIST. All bugs, or feature may be found in the tracker [1].

Papyrus has seen the following changes for the version 4.7,

Improve Papyrus Documentation

  • Improve existing Papyrus table documentation to explain how to override displayed labels.

Improve Papyrus Tables

  • Tool to easily register an existing tableconfiguration file into an existing architecture file.
  • Add editors to allow the creation of elements using the ElementTypes framework.
  • Add support for cell editors displayed with one or several buttons.
  • Add support for an empty line in the table (but there is no way to get empty lines

Bugs fixes

  • Patch a selection problem in the Sequence diagram after adding Found Messages.
  • Patch SWT exceptions due to mishandled reload listeners in the model explorer coupled with bad widget focus.

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