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Papyrus/2018.12 Work Description

This page is a draft of the roadmap for the ongoing release of Papyrus for the 2018.12 simultaneous release, planned for december 2018. Please fill free to comment the listed tasks or to interact on the Papyrus mailing list if you have any feedback on the content of this page.

All the work realized by CEA LIST is sponsored by CEA LIST, Esterel, Airbus Defence and Space.

All bugs, or feature may be found in the tracker [1]

User Experience

  • Diagram: improve sequence diagram combined fragment + observation and general ordering+ duration link+ ordered fragments.
  • Toolsmith tool: improve of a Facet customization.
  • CDO: server with H2.
  • Xtext: bug fixes.
  • Bug performance fixed with applied profile.
  • Profile Migration tool fixed
  • Tables css in progress.
  • AF bug fix validation of AF and loading inside papyrus in progress
  • Layer improvement.

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