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This page contains technical information related to setting up an Eclipse-based software tooling environment for the development and testing of the Papyrus for Real Time product and is therefore intended for members of the Papyrus-RT development team, toolsmiths wanting to extend Papyrus-RT, and for those with a technical background who are interested in knowing more about the inner workings of Papyrus-RT.

If you do not fit this profile, you should consider the installation procedure from the Papyrus-RT User page.

Development Environment

To develop or extend Papyrus-RT several tools and dependencies are needed.


The list of requirements for the Papyrus Real Time project is available on the Requirements page.

Design Notes

Design notes for specific features and other development activities are maintained in sub-pages of the Design page, organized by release.

Profile Update Process

The UML-RT profile is the central piece of the Papyrus-RT tooling. Its update must be done carefully. See the process for Profile Update page.


Developer Mailing List

If you have questions regarding the development of Papyrus for Real Time or if you want to see what keeps the development team awake at night, you can subscribe to the Developer Mailing List (and even ask questions and contribute).

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