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Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT) is an industrial-grade, complete modeling environment for the development of complex, software intensive, real-time, embedded, cyber-physical systems. You can read more in the initial project Papyrus-RT proposal as well as on the project page.

This wiki has been reorganized to better serve our users. Although redirections have been created for page moves, you may want to update your stored links where required.

Who are you?

As part of the requirements for Papyrus for Real Time, we had defined three "types" of users. This wiki has been organized along those lines.

I am a Papyrus-RT User
(I want to develop UML-RT models and generate code using Papyrus-RT')
I am a Papyrus-RT Developer
(I work on the development of Papyrus-RT)
I am a Papyrus-RT Tester
(I test Papyrus-RT to make sure it is of the highest quality)
I am a Papyrus-RT Toolsmith
(I build new tools and extensions on top of Papyrus-RT)

General Documentation

Documentation specifically targeted at specific users can be found in the sections for these users. This section addresses more general information about Papyrus-RT and UML-RT.


Forums and Mailing List

You may also contact the team using forums or mailing list:

Reporting issues

All issues and requests for improvement should be reported using Bugzilla.

When creating new bugs, please keep in mind our Guidelines for the lifecycle of Papyrus-RT bugs

Social Media


We provide a list of links to publications related to Papyrus for Real Time.

You can also go directly to:

Roadmap and Releases

Releases: Current (1.0) Next (TBD) All


JUnit Tests

JUnit Tests How-To

Bug Guidelines

Guidelines for the lifecycle of Papyrus-RT bugs


RCPTT applied for Papyrus for Real Time



Papyrus for Real Time committers

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