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Paho/MQTT Interop Testing Day 2015

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We will be hosting an MQTT Interop Testing Day on Monday, March 9, 2014 in Burlingame, CA. The goal is to have as many different MQTT client and server implementations participate in interoperability testing to validate the implementation of the OASIS MQTT 3.1.1 specification.

The outcome of this day will be a report that shows the products that successfully participated in the interop testing. Hoepfully we will demonstrate the true power of an open standard for the IoT and M2M industry.

Date and Location

Monday, March 9
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport (same place at EclipseCon 2014)

Agenda (DRAFT)



  • Oct 23 - Sign-up open
  • Jan. 15 - Test cases made available
  • aprpox. Feb. 1 - First phone call meeting to discuss the testing requirements
  • Feb 20 - Deadline to register
  • approx Feb 26 - Second planning phone call
  • March 9 - Testing day

Test Approach

More details will be available close to the time but here is a starting point from Ian Craggs

This year will will focus on validation that each product conforms to the 3.1.1 specification and interoperability testing.

Participating Products

To be updated closer to the time.


Organizations and individuals that have implemented a 'product' using MQTT client or server are welcome to participate. Each 'product' can send 2 representatives to participate in the testing. Due to space and logistics there will be a limit of 20 products that can participate in the testing day. 'Product' = a commercial product, open source project or cloud service.

Participation in the Interop Testing Day will be free to all EclipseCon attendees with All Access passes. If you don't want to attend EclipseCon the cost will be $150/participant if you are a member of the Eclipse IoT Working Group or $300/participant if you are not. should really attend EclipseCon since there will be lots of M2M and IoT sessions.

Deadline to register is February 20, 2015. To register please sign-up using our eventbrite site.

NOTE: We are not making provisions for remote participation. Part of the success for these types of events is the face to face contact.


  • Ian Craggs, IBM - Setting up the testing plans
  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation - Helping with the logistics and report writing

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