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Setup for PTP SC12 remote targets for tutorial

Sample app: shallow

  • from, repository path: CVS/ptp-samples; open HEAD, open sample, 'Check out as...' on shallow
  • note: setup slides say checkout as C project, then convert to Sync. Alan's GEM slides say check out as C/C++ Sync project directly, which I need to test, never tried this!!! Sounds simpler.

Client: use new almost-6.0.3 builds

For each system we need to document 1. toolchain recommended and/or documented 2. include files - location for setup using UNC notation //connection-name/path/to/include/files 3. resource manager(s) to use 4. what perf tools from the tutorial work there, and 5. anything else we need to know to use system

SDSC Trestles

Update PTP from to get 2 new Trestles target configurations

  1. toolchain - Linux GCC ( Remote LinuxGCC also builds ok) Remote LinuxGCC puts a bunch of (non-unc) paths in 'Paths and symbols' includes
  2. include files -
      • //trestles/usr/include --and-- //trestles/opt/openmpi/include
      • hyperlink nav in editor now works
  3. Resource manager -
    • Run - edu.sdsc.trestles.torque.batch - new contributed resource manager in the latest PTP builds
      • Other config details: Queue: shared; Number of nodes: 1:ppn=5; MPI command: mpirun; MPI Number of cores: 5
    • Debug - edu.sdsc.trestles.torque.interactive.openmpi - details same as above, using sdm in /home/grw/sdm
  4. What works here? GEM=yes LinuxTools=yes
    • TAU installed and functioning. PAPI not available. To successfully run with TAU from PTP the .bashrc must include these lines "module unload pgi ; module load gnu/4.6.1 openmpi tau"

I am using a shell via MyProxy/GSI Auth in the NCSA plugin (per instructions in ptp-07-ncsa.ppt)

SDSC Gordon

  1. toolchain
  2. include files
  3. Resource manager
    • Run -
    • Debug -
  4. What works here? GEM? LinuxTools?
    • TAU is installed and works correctly

VirtualBox torque by Dennis

Download and setup info (Summary: Download VirtualBox, download, install VirtualBox and the torque VM, launch it and login with userid ptp and password ptp)

  1. toolchain - i have tried Linux GCC. builds ok.
  2. include files - stdio.h is in /usr/include and mpi.h is in /usr/local/include
  3. Res Managers
    • Run - torque-generic-batch, queue: batch; num of nodes: 1; MPI command: mpirun; MPI num of tasks: 5
    • Debug -
  4. What works here? GEM? LinuxTools?
    • TAU not installed. Local test install had unusual issues.
  5. Other - OpenMPI 1.4.2 is installed

supercomputer the roving laptop by Galen

Temporary IP address , contact Galen for access

  1. toolchain
  2. include files - /usr/include and /usr/include/openmpi-x86_64
  3. Resource manager - openmpi
    • Run -
    • Debug -
  4. What works here? GEM? *LinuxTools*
    • TAU installed and functional

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