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Setup for PTP SC12 remote targets for tutorial

Sample app: shallow

  • from, repository path: CVS/ptp-samples; open HEAD, open sample, 'Check out as...' on shallow

Client: use new almost-6.0.3 builds

For each system we need to document 1. toolchain recommended and/or documented 2. include files - location for setup using UNC notation //connection-name/path/to/include/files 3. resource manager(s) to use 4. anything else we need to know to use system

SDSC Trestles

  1. Update PTP from to get new Trestles target configuration
  2. toolchain - i have tried LinuxGCC and Remote LinuxGCC. Either will build ok. Remote LinuxGCC puts a bunch of (non-unc) paths in 'Paths and symbols' but hyperlink nav still doesn't work
  3. include files - guess: i see /usr/include/stdio.h and since 'which mpicc' returns /home/diag/opt/openmpi which lead me to /home/diag/opt/openmpi/1.4.3/gnu/include
    • which means i would need to set two paths in "Paths and Symbols" of
      • //trestles/usr/include/stdio.h --and-- //trestles/home/diag.opt/openmpi/1.4.3/gnu/include
      • but hyperlink nav in editor still doesn't work
  4. Resource manager -
    • Run - edu.sdsc.trestles.torque.batch - new contributed resource manager in the latest PTP builds
      • Other config details: Queue: shared; Number of nodes: 1:ppn=5; MPI command: mpirun; MPI Number of cores: 4
    • Debug -

I am using a shell via MyProxy/GSI Auth in the NCSA plugin (per instructions in ptp-07-ncsa.ppt)

SDSC Gordon

  1. toolchain
  2. include files
  3. Resource manager
    • Run -
    • Debug -

VirtualBox torque by Dennis

Download and setup info (Summary: Download VirtualBox, download, install VirtualBox and the torque VM, launch it and login with userid ptp and password ptp)

  1. toolchain - i have tried Linux GCC. builds ok.
  2. include files - haven't tried
  3. Res Managers
    • Run - torque-generic-batch, queue: batch; num of nodes: 1; MPI command: mpirun; MPI num of tasks: 5
    • Debug -

supercomputer the roving laptop by Galen

Temporary IP address:

  1. toolchain
  2. include files
  3. Resource manager -
    • Run -
    • Debug -

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