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(Other PTP Opportunities at SC12)
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* PTP BOF Tues Nov 13 5:30-7:00 PM []
* PTP BOF Tues Nov 13 5:30-7:00 PM []
* IBM Exhibit Booth Monday-Thursday

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Please install the following prior to the PTP SC12 tutorial in Salt Lake City on Monday November 12 2012. It should be very quick, but doing it ahead of time eliminates any possible bandwidth problems at the tutorial venue the morning of the tutorial first session.

  1. Visit the Eclipse downloads page:
  2. Download Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers
    • Note that the service release SR1 has been available since September 28, we suggest you install that.
  3. Basically just unzip/untar it, but for more installation instructions, visit the PTP downloads page:
  4. Shortly before the tutorial date, update to the most recent PTP 6.0.x per the instructions to update to a newer release - watch this space for when.
    • We will probably want you to update to PTP 6.0.3, which isn't released yet. Stay tuned.

Questions welcome at ptp-user mailing list (In order to post, access the List Home link there and subscribe to the list.)

The final version of the slides will be available here shortly before the tutorial.

We will also have USB drives with slide PDFs during the tutorial.

Other PTP Opportunities at SC12

  • PTP BOF Tues Nov 13 5:30-7:00 PM [1]
  • IBM Exhibit Booth Monday-Thursday

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