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Refer to Synchronized Projects User Guide for basic information. The user-call recording includes a live demonstration of how to setup and configure a synchronized project.

Known Issues

  • There are no wizards to convert existing projects to synchronized projects. A fix is planned for version 5.0.2.
  • Errors occur during synchronization if the project contains files with odd characters, such as parentheses. (Files with spaces should work fine.)
  • There are some potential pitfalls when configuring projects
    • Users should avoid changing configurations inside the new project wizard, as this will cause errors. Instead, add and change configurations after project creation.
    • The Workspace configuration only appears after the project is created.
    • The tool chain selected during creation is used for both the local machine and remote machine. Users need to adjust this after project creation.
    • For remote configurations, only the "Sync Builder" works, although other options are available (Project -> Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Tool Chain Editor). The "Sync Builder" is set as the default.
    • Attempting to change multiple configurations does not work correctly.

Change Log

Version 5.0.1

  • Use separate Git directory (.ptp-sync instead of .git) for sync'ing so that it does not interfere with user's Git repository.
  • Sync empty directories
  • Prevent users from modifying the synchronization properties of the Workspace configuration
  • Fix bug 349372: Build fails if empty environment variables are present
  • Support managed project types
  • Add Fortran synchronization wizard
  • Do not sync if only a file's markers have changed (prevents sync'ing during file editing if code analysis is turned on).

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