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Remote Development Tools

List of Authors:

   Chris Recoskie (
   Greg Watson (


This page is for organizing efforts surrounding remote development tools for PTP. Initially this will encompass efforts surrounding a remote development solution that utilizes CDT to provide a suite of remote development tools for C/C++ development. Given that the Photran (Fortran) project is built on top of CDT, we foresee that in the future the remote support we build for CDT could form the basis for remote support for Fortran as well.

Interested Parties


  • Greg Watson (PTP)
  • Chris Recoskie (CDT)


  • Jacob Augustine


  • Leo Treggiari (CDT)


  • Benoit Souyri


  • Remote Development Presented at the CDT Summit 2007 detailing the motivation behind the need for remote development tools and the status of current efforts.


Since this project is in the embryonic stage right now, there is no detailed project plan. However, there are some areas that are currently being worked on and/or investigated. We welcome contributions in all areas, so if you are interested in a particular area, do not hesitate to offer your input and assistance.

This is only a short term road map, intended to encompass what we're planning to work on in time for the Ganymede release in June, 2008.

  • General Remote Services
    • PTP has a preliminary implementation for remote services abstraction.
    • Greg Watson (IBM) will be extending this to add IPath2 and support for arbitrary service types
  • EFS Support in CDT [| Designs and notes]
    • Greg Watson (IBM) and Chris Recoskie (IBM) are currently working on this.
  • Remote Indexing for C/C++ (using CDT)
    • Jason Montojo and Chris Recoskie have prototyped a remote indexing framework, and a proof of concept implementation of a remote Call Hierarchy utilizing it. Currently the framework is being re-evaluated in the context of the need for a general framework for specifying the model for remote services. We will begin looking at this in depth again in late October, 2007.
  • Remote Standard Make (using CDT)
    • Chris Recoskie and Mike Kucera (IBM) are planning to investigate this further in 1Q 2008. However, if someone wishes to start taking a look at this sooner, we would definitely be open to that.

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