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(CDT Changes)
(Synchronized Projects)
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=== Synchronized Projects  ===
=== Synchronized Projects  ===
* Sync and config options on icons in menu bar?
=== CDT Changes  ===
=== CDT Changes  ===

Revision as of 16:04, 8 April 2014

The following are new features that are planned to be available in PTP 8.0 and Photran 8.2, released with Eclipse Luna (4.4)  on June 27, 2014.
This page can be considered to be under construction until that time.

Parallel Package changes

The Eclipse package all-in-one download "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" is updated with the latest Luna release contents of most interest to our users. You can download it at


Core Features

Target system configurations

Environment Management

System monitoring


Implemented support for debugging MPICH applications in SDM

Terminal View

External Tools Framework (ETFw)

Perfsuite tools

Uses Feedback view to map findings of Perfsuite analysis to source code lines in the editor.

Remote Development Tools (RDT)

Synchronized Projects

  • Sync and config options on icons in menu bar?

CDT Changes

  • The C/C++ Development Tools that are included with the "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" have also been updated for Eclipse Luna. See their newest features on their New and Noteworthy for 8.4 page.
  • CDT 8.3 improvements to multi-process debugging, implemented to help multi-core debugging ... if these show up for PTP debugging, advertise here

Fortran (Photran)

Photran 8.2 (included in PTP 8.0) is primarily a maintenance release. See below for bugs fixed in this release.


Bug Fixes and Internal Enhancements

Features removed

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