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PTP/meetings/February 2007

February 2007 Meeting

Date: February 13, 2006 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free: 1 866 807-2880
Local: (505) 606-1028


  1. PTP Status
    • 1.1 release update
    • TAU contribution status
  2. Project Reports
    • PLDT update
    • Performance tools update
    • Fortran update
    • Resource manager/runtime support update
    • Remote services update
  3. Other business
  4. Next meeting


  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Wyatt Spear, U Oregon
  • Greg Watson, LANL
  • Craig Rasmussen, LANL
  • Rob Fowler, RENCI
  • Rolf Peterson, IBM
  • Howard Lander, RENCI
  • Rich Graham, ORNL
  • Adam Bordelon, Rice


  1. PTP Status
    • 1.1 release update: PMC approval obtained. Now waiting on a legal issue between Eclipse and LANL. Unsure how long this will take to be resolved.
  2. Project Reports
    • PLDT update
      • Beth reports that the 1.1 version has been merged into HEAD. The MPI barrier analysis work is pending IP approval from IBM. A paper is being presented at the Second Workshop on Software Tools for Multi-Core Systems.
    • Resource manager update
      • Craig and Randy have almost completed the RM work and a prototype LSF implementation.
  3. EclipseCon
    • Beth is giving a short talk and demo of OpenMP support
    • Wyatt is giving a short talk on TAU integration
    • Greg is giving a long talk on PTP
    • Adam is giving a talk on their tool, HPC Vision
  4. Other business
    • Beth asked if we could have a CVS branch based on CDT 4.0 so PLDT changes required by CDT 4.0 could be checked in. Craig suggested we just move HEAD to CDT 4.0. Will put this to the vote on ptp-dev list.
    • Rob is still interested in a port to BG/L. Greg and Craig are interested in helping out.
  5. Next meeting: March 13, 2007

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